ViTag Health provide comprehensive services.Our team of experts consult for nursing homes and Assisted Living facilities to render Medication Management, psychological evaluations and psychotherapy on various issues. Furthermore, ViTag Health perform evaluations for medically supervised weight loss program. We provide consultation for Diabetes, Hypertension and HIV/AIDS.

Our Mission

To provide a loved one with the best possible care is what matters.

Our Vision

Through a collaborative effort and unwavering commitment to our clients, ViTag Health will offer a superior experience for our patients and their families. Through innovation and collaboration, ViTag Health will emerge as a national leader in next level healthcare services.

Our Team

We have a multi disciplinary, personalized care approach that collaborate with other health care professionals, Patients and their loved ones. This patient centered approach will optimize the quality of life. Our team consists of Clinical Social Work/Therapist/LCSW, Internal Medicine MD, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists and Nurse Practitioners. ViTag Health is dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment and treatment. During the consultation session, the Pharmacist will create a medication action plan offering the patient useful strategies to maximize benefits of his/her medication therapy. The pharmacist will also intervene to address any medication related problems and refer patients to other healthcare providers if needed.